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Charts, tables and statistics on 36 topics for use in schools, colleges and libraries have been gathered together for this book, designed to stimulate further investigation and discussion in several subject areas. Teachers' notes are included. Available in paperback and ringbinder, it costs pound;29.95 for an annual subscription (second copy half price) or pound;37.50 for one-off purchases. Postage and packing free. Data is also available on disc at pound;12.50 subscribers, pound;14.95 others. Details: Carel Press, 01228 538928; e-mail:


The official guide to summer courses in London's colleges, universities and adult education centres is now out. They range from "Unleash the tiger in you", word-processing, creative cookery, woodwork and acting to French, Spanish, Italian and Tagalog (for your holiday in the Philippines). pound;3.80 from newsagents, bookshops and station bookstalls throughout the South-east or by calling 0171 813 6060.

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