Publicity of the worst sort

'Making the Grade' (Channel 4, 1999)

Focusing on the first year of Fresh Start school Firfield in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, scenes included head Carole McAlpine admitting that newspapers would soon run a story about her ex-husband's child abuse conviction. Teachers were concerned, but hoped the programme would boost enrolment. It closed.

'Cutting Edge: Summerhill at 70' (Channel 4, 1992) The progressive school was criticised after it showed pupils decapitating a rabbit and bathing in the nude.

'Head On the Block'

(BBC2, 2000)

"Superhead" Torstan Friedag hoped to show Islington Arts and Media School's fresh start. Instead it captured the school's growing difficulties with pupil behaviour and staff morale and his resignation.

'True Stories: Gordonstoun' (Channel 4, 1996)

A pupil was shown smuggling alcohol into his dormitory, and a prefect was caught complaining about the lack of discipline among students.

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