Pupil voice - I would like to work in a zoo

Sybil Clarke is a Year 5 pupil at Balfour Junior School, Brighton

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What's your favourite subject?

Art because it's creative and fun. I like using glue and sticking on bits of material. It's nice to see your work displayed.

What makes a good teacher?

Someone who is nice and if you've got a problem with friends, they sort it out fairly by listening to both sides of the argument. I like teachers who help you when you put your hand up, without helping too much. It's best when teachers show you the method instead of giving you the answer. That's how you learn.

What do you most like and dislike about school?

I like lunch, because by the time it comes I'm really hungry. We then go into the field and watch the infants or the older pupils through the school fence, or just run about and play. I don't like the humming in the toilets. I think it's made by the fan. It's quite creepy.

What's the best lesson you've had?

Last year in numeracy we used Smarties to count things, then we got to eat them. Chocolate is one of my favourite things.

What stops you from learning?

When I'm tired, I daydream a lot. There's also a boy in my class who is quite distracting because he pulls funny faces.

What is good about your school?

We're very eco. Our year won a prize for our short film this year. We made it about re-using plastic bags and how people shouldn't just drop them on the ground. I was the voice of the plastic bag. Parents sell bags of vegetables on Fridays. I also like the "worry box". If you're being bullied or have any worries, instead of having to tell an adult, you can put it in the box and the teacher sorts it out the next day.

What would be your ideal school?

The toilets would always be clean and the classrooms would be big so that it never got stuffy and there'd always be lots of space. There'd also be big drawers.

What would you like to be when you are older?

I would like to work in a zoo because I like animals. My favourite is a hamster. Or I'd be a waitress in a cafe so I could meet lots of people.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Going on the monkey bars in the park and I like sleeping.

What's your favourite TV show?

Dr Who. He's funny but very very clever.

What's your earliest memory?

I was upside down while my dad was changing my nappy. I could see Friends on the TV behind him.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I'd like to fly.

"If I was Prime Minister for a day I would ."

make sure every old person had someone to look after them. It's not so much that old people's homes are lonely, it's more that they can make old people feel old.

"I wish adults would sometimes ."

Lay the table themselves. They're bossy.

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