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Pupils reflect on auschwitz

Three Rosehall S5 pupils who went to Auschwitz talk about their visit

Jennifer Spiers: "I'd like to go back to Auschwitz every year, as a memorial. I still think about it, especially now as I'm studying it in Higher history. It makes me ask more questions about why it happened. I think Hitler was a sick man who murdered and who was full of false promises.

"The point at the very end (of the visit) when I saw the pictures of the people -I was really moved and it made the experience more real, because the pictures of those happy people were the people that were badly treated and who did not deserve it."

Azim Ahmed: "Before I went, I was told what happened and I was not convinced. When I went it made me emotional, seeing what kind of circumstances they lived in. The specific moment that captured my experience in Auschwitz-Birkenau was when we went to the gas chamber (Auschwitz 1), knowing there were 700 people in a small room, nearly double the number of people who go to my school.

"I still feel sad. War is pointless. I used to think about it every night.

I'd imagine it happening to me. Watching the DVD has brought it all back."

Omar Naseem: "I was not convinced of what people were saying happened in Auschwitz before our visit. By being toured around by a guide, I really realised the circumstances of millions of prisoners.

"The specific moment that captured my feelings was the chamber that contained hair and shoes of prisoners. I get flashbacks when I hear about Nazis. When I see a baby I look at their shoes and clothes because of seeing babies' shoes and clothes in the museum.

"And now the BNP say they are going to hand out their stuff to children outside school gates in this area. The night after the London tube bombings our family shop was sprayed 'BNP'. It happened to a lot of Asian shops in the Coatbridge area. "Racial hatred is an issue here as much as sectarianism."

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