Pupils 'want school every day'

There must indeed be something in the water in East Dunbartonshire, because children there insist they should go to school every day. Learning at home by computer would not be as effective and would rule out lots of things, such as working with others.

They certainly want more use of computers and laptops for everyone but the only people who should be taught separately or at home are the troublemakers. They need booting out, according to a survey of responses to the national education debate in 18 schools.

Those who want to stick in would find working at home a lonely existence, however, since most like to be praised and helped.

The best things about school are the interesting lessons, relaxed atmosphere and good teachers and main improvements would be to discipline, choice of subjects and learning through practical activities rather than simply reading and writing.

They also want more educational outings, more activities outwith the school day, improved toilets and longer lunches and playtimes - and better changing facilities for physical education. "Retired teachers should not be used as cover for teachers when our teachers are off ill," says another response.

Like teachers and parents, pupils agree the number one priority is to read and write, followed by maths.

Some argue - obviously without any prompting - that smaller class sizes would help teachers to spend more time with individuals. Teachers place class-size cuts at the top of their wishlist.

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