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Pupils want teachers to be good role models, says Children's Commissioner

Children want their teachers to inspire them and be good role models, accordings to research carried out by the Children's Commissioner for Wales.

Keith Towler's officers spent two years speaking to children and young people from across Wales to get a better insight into the things that would make a positive difference to them in their schools.

They came back with nine key messages on what children like about their learning experience, as well as what needs to be improved.

According to the research, a good teacher is fair, approachable and supportive; someone who shows respect, listens and takes their views seriously. Meanwhile, great teachers are those that inspire their pupils and are positive role models.

Children also said they like learning in lots of ways and to be told when they are doing well.

The original plan was to share these messages with trainee teachers to give them an idea of what children expected, but it is now hoped schools will use them to develop teaching and learning.

Every school in Wales will be sent a new resource pack with a booklet and poster containing the messages, called "Listening and Learning ... the Right Story".

"Our intention is that this resource will encourage more schools to explore what is important to their pupils and that their views will be used to directly inform the school's practice," Mr Towler said.

"By listening to children's opinions and taking them into account when developing our schools, we might just be able to achieve that."

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