Put on hold

I am a fully qualified teacher who has been prevented from working due to a new government idea. I decided to become a supply teacher at the beginning of this year. I joined an agency and all was going well; they even agreed to put me on to a guaranteed payment scheme starting on April 22.

I was told the new Criminal Records Bureau wanted me to fill out a lengthy form. This seemed reasonable. However, after hundreds of phone calls, much stress, advice from the National Union of Teachers, contacting my MP and sending another copy of the form by recorded delivery, I am still waiting to be cleared to teach.

I am struggling to afford my mortgage and living expenses and have lost a huge amount of income due to their incompetence. I am angry that the same government that is desperate for teachers has taken my career, income and life and ruined it over the past four months.

Erica Johnson

66 Library Road


Poole, Dorset.

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