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Put it in your diary - Damp;T Week 2000;Subject of the week;Technology

Nothing can beat the experience for children of showing what they have designed and made to someone else. National Damp;T week, which runs from July 3-7, 2000, will provide a great opportunity for schools and colleges to celebrate their achievements.

The highlight of the week will come on July 4, when as many children as possible will take home a product they have designed and made. Schools, colleges, and education authorities can join in by organising events and activities such as designers-in-residence, video conferencing links to designers and manufacturers, industry-based design-and-make activities, mini-enterprise activities, parents' open days and exhibitions of work.

The Technology Enhancement Programme has developed an innovative control device specifically for Damp;T week. It is small, cheap and easy to programme. Members of NAAIDT, the advisers and inspectors association, will co-ordinate local events, and the Design and Technology Association has published helpsheets for primary schools, full of project ideas.

The events of Damp;T week will follow a major international conference in London next spring - bringing together teachers, lecturers and advisers.

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