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Put plug on 'sink school' myth

FRANCE Hill was a "good school" according to the Office for Standards in Education inspection in 1999, not a "sink" school as implied in your article, (TES, Surrey local focus, November 22).

France Hill school's best exam year was 2001 when 51 per cent of GCSE pupils gained at least A* to C grades not the 36 per cent reported in your article.

This was a particularly remarkable achievement as France Hill (since renamed Kings International) was coping with all the demands of creating a new school. The results reflect the good teaching and learning that was present then.

The initiative to create a new school came from France Hill governors and staff. They sought help from Surrey education authority to improve further the education on offer in the Camberley area.

I was disappointed there was no acknowledgement in your article of this unique and successful partnership, which gained significant support from the wider school community.

Mrs JM Pearson

Ex-headteacher France Hill

Head, The Matthew Arnold school

Kingston Road

Staines, Middlesex

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