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Put yourself to the test

Historycross-curricular Ages 11 to 16

At the beginning of the term I was looking for ways to add cross-curricular activities to my plenaries for my history lessons. I had just begun to learn basic Spanish at night school and was having difficulty mastering the language because I had little time to practise.

To combat this problem, I came up with a game called Challenge Miss. Each pupil is given a card with a Spanish word or phrase on it. If they answer a question on history correctly, they get to test me on my Spanish.

Pupils love it, especially when I struggle with my pronunciation, which is generally made difficult by my Liverpudlian accent.

Pupils are quick to correct me, and as my Spanish has improved, so has my pupils' historical knowledge.

Other colleagues have adapted the game for their geography and maths lessons and have reported similar positive results

Adele Taylor teaches key stages 3 and 4 history and RE at Ladybridge High School in Bolton

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