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Putting Tibet back on the map;Letter

THE MEMBERS of the Working Group of Independent Tibet Network, formerly Campaign Free Tibet, wish to express surprise that such a leading educational publication should allow to be show an erroneous (TES, March 26) representation of China in which Tibet was quite literally "written off the map".

The accompanying article makes no mention of China's forceful invasion of 1950 and continuing occupation of an independent country, or the occupation has been condemned as illegal by the United Nations, by the International Commission of Jurists, by eminent lawyers and diplomats and most recently by the International Lawyers Conference on Tibet.

It is an occupation maintained at the price of a million Tibetan lives and hundreds more, to this day, still undergoing imprisonment and torture for the crime of showing the Tibetan flag.

Mike Morrish writes carefully of the "one-child" policy. Did he explain to his pupils that it is carried out in the already sparsely populated Tibet by enforced abortions and sterilisations? A realistic study of population control would embrace the question as to whether genocide was the aim.

Mike Morrish should have approached exiled Tibetans and Tibetan support groups here in this country, to give a more balanced view of China to pass on to his pupils.

Mrs M E Stanley Co-ordinator, Working Group ofIndependent Tibet Network 12 Beta Road Farnborough

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