Puzzle of Ken's post-16 plans

It appears the Learning and Skills Council has little to fear from Ken Livingstone's ambitions to add post-16 education to his powers in London - with his generals still scratching their heads about what exactly they want to take over. His plans are so sketchy that the Greater London Authority and even his own office are unable to say what they have in mind in the small matter of teenage students.

A GLA spokesman directed me to a line in the Deputy Prime Minister's Office consultation document on devolution in London, telling me sternly that it "answers your question".

The document states: "The Mayor has made clear that he does not want to take over the LSC's responsibility for the funding and planning of sixth-form provision."

Does this mean the sixth forms of schools, sixth-form colleges, or 16 to19 education in general FE colleges? And, if the LSC is to retain these functions, how does this amount to taking control of learning and skills from the LSC - as the Mayor proposes?

The GLA was unable to explain - and I understand my chums in the LSC are equally baffled, although they must be enjoying a private titter.

London FE, 7

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