I have seen a number of Year 11 pupils in the local pub

I have seen a number of Year 11 pupils in the local pub. They are no trouble, but I am sure they must be getting served alcohol as some look much older than they are. Should I get involved?

Fliss, Essex

A: We have a broader responsibility to pupils than just teaching, but there is little to be gained from getting involved. You have no proof and even if you managed to get the pub to ban them, they would soon find somewhere else. Try mentioning it to their personal tutor, who might have more experience in these matters. But don't hold out too many hopes for a result.

Malcolm, Ebbw Vale

A: You have no evidence of any wrong-doing on behalf of either the pub landlord or the pupils, but you obviously have misgivings and concerns. A quiet word to the publican might be a way forward. The pub trade is under pressure to clean up its act, and you might be doing everyone a favour.

Linda, Worthing

A: Noble though your motives may be, this is tricky. You will be castigated by some for exceeding your professional brief but you shouldn't be deterred and you should look for support. Refer this to the head of year, who in turn would be advised to bring the matter to the head. The intervention of senior staff will have a better chance of bringing a result and shield you from any flak

Rod, Middlesex


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