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John Howson is a recruitment analyst and visiting professor of education at Oxford Brookes University. To ask him a question, email him at askjohnhowson@

Q) Is the amount paid for the Teaching and Learning Responsibility band, TLR2b, a set figure? Can it be revised and by whom? What is the procedure?

A) Teaching and Learning Responsibility Points (TLRs) were introduced about two years ago as part of the staffing review. They are awarded for specific responsibilities associated with teaching and learning. The lower TLR2 and the higher TLR1 band cover a range common across the country. The TLR2 band is from pound;2,364 to pound;5,778 and the higher TLR1 band from pound;6,829 to pound;11,557. The relevant body normally the governing body of a school may award a TLR to a classroom teacher for undertaking sustained additional responsibilities. TLRs are linked to the post and not the person. When a teacher leaves or the post changes, the TLR payment ceases. To be paid a TLR1, you must be responsible for line managing a significant number of people. They need not be teachers, although they must be involved in the delivery of high quality learning. The Pay and Conditions Document says TLRs should be a part of a school's formal staffing structure. However, not all schools advertise posts on a single point, as they probably should. Some advertise a salary range. Certainly, a school should keep its staffing policy under review and the governors should alter the structure as new tasks arise. Where a TLR is subdivided into different grades, regulations state there must be a difference of pound;1,500 between them. It would be simpler if schools didn't state intermediate grades on job descriptions, and just gave a figure, as this is much less confusing to applicants

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