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Q: I have been teaching history for five years. I like my subject and am studying for a part-time degree in an aspect of local history. I don't want to be a head of department - too much paperwork. What other career opportunities are available to me, and when is the best time to look?

A Most teaching jobs appear between March and the end of May. However, other types of job could appear at any time. There are three areas that you might consider. You could look for a rare Advanced Skills Teacher post. In history, these appear infrequently. Advisory teacher roles, where you work alongside schools, are less rare, but not commonplace.

I sense you are more interested in history than leadership. If you are prepared to leave the classroom behind, you could work as an education officer for a museum or heritage organisation. You meet lots of learners, but often have to repeat material. Or you could develop curriculum materials in your subject.

The third possibility is to look for areas where you can teach history for more pay. Further or higher education may offer opportunities.

You need to take a long-term look at your career. You may need to take on additional responsibility if you want to increase your salary as, despite the Advanced Skills and Excellent Teacher initiatives, high-paying jobs without leadership responsibilities remain rare.

John Howson is a recruitment analyst and visiting professor of education at Oxford Brookes University. To ask him a question, email him at askjohnhowson

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