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READERS of recent articles will know that QCA is taking forward two projects directly related to the arts.

The first is Creativity across the Curriculum. Currently we are looking at how pupils' creativity can be promoted through English, mathematics, design and technology, art and design, music, dance and drama.

The second project is Arts in the Curriculum. This is investigating how the contribution of the arts to pupils' education can be maximised and in particular the impact of the arts on pupils' creative and cultural development.

Both projects build on the work of the National Advisory Committee for Creative and Cultural Education (NACCCE). Part of the work for the Arts in the Curriculum project has been to develop a set of aims for the arts in education. This will draw on a wide range of current and forthcoming national initiatives for the arts.

These initiatives include the Specialist Arts Colleges, the Music Standards Fund, the Partners for Study Support Grant Scheme and Artsmark. All these provide opportnities for schools and arts organisations to receive government funding which will help to promote the arts in pupils' education.

At the recent joint QCA and Arts Council seminar, delegates generally agreed that pupils' experiences of the arts would be more coherent if they were underpinned by a common set of aims that recognised the contribution of the arts both within and beyond the school curriculum. In developing these aims, the national curriculum handbook, which contains statements about the importance of each subject and its contribution to pupils' education, is proving a useful starting point.

QCA would welcome information about other work in this area that might be considered in the development of this project. For further information please contact either Tony Knight or Lucy Walters at QCA on 0207 509 5408.

Tony Knight is principal subject officer for music, the arts and culture at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA. Tel: 020 7509 5555. Web:

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