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The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Agenda;Raising standards for all

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Agenda for Action on Education with Business.

QCA was set up to bridge the academicvocational divide. Its core remit is to advise the Secretary of State on the school curriculum, its assessment and publicly funded qualifications offered in schools, colleges and workplaces. One of its key roles is to develop a coherent national framework of qualifications.

QCA and the Government are working closely on harnessing the commitment of business and industry, together with partners in education, training and the professions, to raise achievement in schools and colleges, promote participation in lifelong learning and build the skills levels of the nation.

The key roles are to:

* revise and develop learning goals for the under-fives and implement base-level assessment for children entering primary school using accredited schemes (to enable added value measurement of primary schools) * review the National Curriculum and its assessment with due emphasis on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy and key skills for employability * monitor national tests and teacher assessment of pupils and advise on ways to raise standards in education * disseminate guidance to schools on effective target setting for improved performance * develop work-related learning opportunities for 14-16 year olds, making full use of links with business for quality work experience, the National Record of Achievement or 'progress file' and achievements in key skills * maintain high standards of education and training through regulation and close liaison with employers, awarding bodies, training organisations and education * review and accredit vocational qualifications with high standards of quality assurance * promote new entry level qualifications to widen access to learning * create a coherent national framework for qualifications * be influential in the creation of a learning society for all to raise skill levels and increase all-round achievement * help create a learning society for all, which builds the nation_s competitive skills and cuts low skill and exclusion.

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