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Qualified answer

Don Short Agony uncle answers your questions

I recently switched from teaching to managing. I enjoy this new role, but as a qualified teacher I am concerned that many of my present staff have yet to hold a teaching qualification. My predecessor did his part in fostering flexibility in this area. Staff were given guidance and access to an online course and there was a tacit understanding it should be completed within two years. College laptops were loaned as an incentive. Little has come of this however. How should I approach this problem?

If you are not immediately under pressure to resolve this matter then there is obviously no need for you to put the pressure on this instant. Each member of staff will have their excuse, some more valid than others. There will be the intransigent "teachers are born not made" type. You'll probably have to wait for them to retire. To those who are prepared to listen I would try to demonstrate the advantages of having a qualification. Provide a support system for staff who might struggle with written assignments.

Lobby for a reduction in contact time so staff can study for a qualification.

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