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Qualified gratitude for salary

I understand the complaints put forward by students who are currently on postgraduate certificate in education and BEd courses in response to the new training salary scheme to be introduced this September. I felt, however, that I must express my delight that the Government has decided to introduce this initiative.

I accepted a place to study for a PGCE at the University of Newcastle in October and was positively dreading the prospect of sinking further into debt in what will be my fifth year of university education (I am currently undertaking a four-year degree courseat the University of St Andrews).

The introduction of a training salary means that the financial burden will be lifted, allowing me to concentrate on the intensive PGCE studies rather than on my cash flow.

I applaud the Government for taking a step in the right direction but would urge that the training salary be extended to all trainee teachers in order to both improve morale and incentive across the board and to attract genuine, dedicated people to teaching, whatever route they choose.

Lindsay Gale

4 Links Crescent

St Andrews


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