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Question is hard to digest;Further education

OLD baloney was on the menu when catering students at Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies were served up with their assignments.

But part of their coursework proved so indigestible that one student sent it off to the Plain English Campaign - who have just given the nonsensical question a Golden Bull in their annual awards for the year's worst gobbledegook.

Students were asked: "Outline whether your organisation is a manufacturing organisation with an ancillary service or a service org-anisation with a facilitating good."

Principal Eddie McIntyre said the college had won its fair share of awards, including the Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education. "Obviously, we were much happier about winning that one." He added that "facilitating good" was a "recognised service management concept".

The Department for Education and Employment received the Campaign's gold award after its publications accumulated 50 Crystal Marks for readability.

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