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To those of us familiar with Tam Dalyell's "West Lothian Question", David Henderson's introduction to his report on West Dunbartonshire's past misfortunes (TESS, June 25) in recruiting a director of education was nothing more than amusing journalistic sleight of hand.

However, for the sake of those unfamiliar with the West Lothian Question, especially those who may be considering a career in West Lothian, a few words of explanation may be helpful.

The West Lothian Question was posed by Tam Dalyell in a debate on Scottish devolution in the 1970s and concerns the rights of Scottish MPs to vote on matters at Westminster which affect only English, Welsh, and Northern Ireland citizens when the non-Scottish UK members cannot discuss and vote on these matters because they are devolved to Scotland.

It does not relate to our ability to recruit able and often outstanding leaders to our senior posts.

Alex Linkston

Chief executive

West Lothian Council

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Tes Editorial

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