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Quiet Place

The Quiet Place project was introduced to Merseyside primaries in the late Nineties to provide complementary and traditional therapies to support parents of children with emotional and behavioural problems. To help parents further afield, the charitable trust behind the scheme - Cheiron - has produced a pack on aspects of parenting. It includes eight glossy cards giving advice on such issues as communication, exercise, massage, natural remedies and det. A bibliography is also included for parents wanting to pursue some of the ideas in the pack. The cards are accompanied by a CD-Rom with two stress-relieving stories - one for parents and one for children.

The Quiet Place packs costs pound;19.99 (inc pamp;p) from Cheiron - A Quiet Place, 10 Prescot Road, Liverpool L7 0LQ. Tel: 0870 907 7707. Fax: 0870 907 7708. Email:


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