1 A Serbian man is now recovering after trying to to have sex with a hedgehog. What did the Serbian say?

a OwOwOwOW!


c *!%%?!!

d Cigarette?

2 A game based on magnetism has won first prize in a competition for science toys. Why?

a It's very attractive

b It has two poles and no Serbians

c It illustrates the NorthSouth divide

d It was better than all the other toys

3 In China, 25 pandas have been born through artificial insemination. What do the pandas say?

a Get that Serbian out of here

b Artificial? Where's the fun in that?

c I want to be a police car when I grow up

d Why do they always say my name twice?

4 Prince Charles is reportedly given seven boiled eggs to ensure one is the right consistency. What else is he given?

a Seven spoons, to make sure one is silver

b Seven beds, to make sure one is soft

c Seven dwarves, to make sure one is Happy

d Seven hedgehogs

5 A woman is suing Starbucks for $114 milllion for failing to honour a free coffee coupon.JWhat should she get?

a The Serbian hedgehog award for incredible stupidity

b The Prince Charles award for losing touch with reality

c The Chinese panda award for trying to be too cute by half

d A free cup of Starbucks coffee. That'll teach her

Answers under the crossword

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1d, 2d, 3a, 4b, 5d

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