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Quiz special

1 Which elusive man with a big bushy beard has finally been tracked down?

a Osama bin Laden b Saddam Hussein c Father Christmas

2 And what was in his pocket when they found him?

a Weapons of mass destruction - loads of them b Osama's phone number c A pistol (unfired)

3 Which unlikely compliment was paid to boring tennis player Tim Henman?

a Civil servants think he would "add interest" to the New Year's Honours list b Women's Institute voted him the "new Cliff Richard" c Elected Player of the Year by fellow players

4 What backhanded compliment did the public pay English teachers?

a A book on apostrophes is on the best-seller list b Viewers gave a comedy award for Channel 4's Teachers series c The Big Read shortlist - most people obviously haven't read a new book since school

5 Who is this year's Christmas anti-Christ according to the Association of Christian Teachers?

a Saddam (again) b Herod (again) c Philip Pullman

ANSWERS: 1b, 2c, 3a, 4c, 5c


1 Which possible outcome to the Hutton Inquiry worries you more?

a Tony Blair ordered the intelligence agencies to sex up the Iraq dossier b The intelligence services sexed it up off their own bat c They just got it wrong

2 Did Tony and George really pray together before the Iraq war?

a "No, Jeremy, no" as a tetchy Blair told Newsnight's Paxman b "We don't do God" as a tetchy Alistair Campbell told journalists c Yes, at Camp David, according to White House sources quoted in The Faith of George W. Bush.

3 Whose reincarnation is most disturbing?

a Dirty Den from the bottom of the canal b Anne Widdicombe as a blonde c Robin Cook as a man of principle d Madonna as a children's author

4 If the public wants it and MPs vote for it, when do we get a ban on fox-hunting?

a Tomorrow b Never c On the fifth Sunday in Advent

5 If education spending is rising, school roles falling and some DfES wonks think teaching assistants should take classes, does that mean a More teachers b Fewer teachers c No teachers

Answers on a postcard, please

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