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Quotes of 1998

' You don't need to go to Eton and Oxford to get a nice house' - Soccer hard man Vinnie Jones.

' There are no fairy godmothers' - David Blunkett talking to rebel Labour MPs about the imposition of student tuition fees.

' It is a wonderful time to be a teacher. The recognition is there for those who deserve it' - Chris Woodhead, the chief inspector, in November's Parliamentary Brief.

' The shabby staffroom and the battered kettle I can become a thing of the past' - Extract from the Green Paper Meeting the Challenge of Change.

' Lemmings display a remarkable sense of unity as they hurl themselves into oblivion' - The NASUWT's Nigel de Gruchy on why unity does not always mean strength.

' I gave up smoking at the age of 11. I had one or two strong ones behind the chicken run at school' - Prince Charles speaking to children in Slovenia.

' Eighteen months on, teachers are almost as fed up with David Blunkett as they were with us' - David Willetts, Conservative education spokesman.

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