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Racists included

Shame on Stephen Jones for even entertaining the idea that someone with racist views should be excluded from enrolling at a further education college ("Extreme choices face those who want to keep FE open to all", December 1825).

Good on Derek, the mythical learner, that he is considering enrolling at a place of learning. I strongly believe that just as racism and other strong prejudices have been learnt, they can be equally unlearnt and replaced with views more conducive to our diverse society.

Given that all such institutions have a duty to promote equality and cohesion, we should be encouraging more students like Derek to continue with their studies beyond compulsory education in the hope that they will go away changed people. We should certainly not exclude them because they hold illiberal views. Otherwise, where would it stop? Which other group of learners would be next in being denied such opportunities?

Karamat Iqbal, Diversity consultant, Forward Partnership.

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