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Radio and television

CHANNEL 4 * Let's Dance - a series of five programmes designed to introduce children aged eight to 10 to dancing, and to help teachers structure their dance lessons. Audio cassette, Pounds 4.95, teacher's guide, Pounds 3.95. This has just finished its run. Teachers' verdict - fun for the children and very useful for teachers to follow the preparation of a dance lesson. It may be repeated in 1998-99. Contact Channel 4 Schools, PO Box 100, Warwick CV34 6TZ, tel: 01926 433333.

BBC RADIO * Let's Move - age 5-6. School radio tapes Pounds 2 per term, teacher's notes Pounds 2.75. Music for Movement 2, audio cassette Pounds 7.50. A long-established formula that works. Check transmission dates with the BBC.

* Dance Workshop - age 9-12. School radio tapes Pounds 2 per term, teacher's notes Pounds 3. Very popular, good ideas, good notes.

* Let's Dance - handbook for teachers by Mary Harlow and Linda Rolfe, Pounds 14.50 (written for the English national curriculum). Great for planning lessons, easy layout to follow for different stages and lots of practical advice and stimulating ideas.

Further details from BBC Educational Publishing, PO Box 234, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7EU, tel: 01937 541001; or BBCEducation Information, tel: 0181 746 1111.

BBC SCOTLAND * Hop, Skip and Jump - P1 and P2 programmes, using stories and music, often Scottish, to stimulate movement. Short, fun and easy to follow. Audio cassettes Pounds 2, teacher's notes Pounds 4.95. Contact BBC Edinburgh, tel: 0131 248 4261.

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