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Rate my video

First it was the Rate my Teacher website that was kicking up a storm over comments posted by pupils.

Now it's the video website YouTube, in the headlines last week after being sold to Google for pound;883 million only 18 months after it was launched.

Guns are out for it, with some union leaders calling for a clampdown on "cyber bullying" from pupils filming their teachers.

So spare a thought for "Tozzer", the singing religious studies teacher with his unique educational ditty "Get Socratic, not erratic", or the science teacher who thought it would be a good idea to make a song about electrons based on Abba's "Waterloo" ("This teacher ain't got a clue," says one blogger).

Another blogger who set footage of her middle-aged Latin teacher to Bonnie Tyler's "Holding out for a Hero" took a kindly view: "He doesn't know the video exists, and I don't think I'd like him to see it," she said. "I suppose you could say we were taking the mickey. But we're very fond of him, although he's a little out of touch with the 21st century."

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