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This fits the national framework for RE at 2c for the 14 to 19 group, that "students should be taught to relate their learning in religious education to the wider world, gaining a sense of personal autonomy in preparation for adult life".

KS 4-5

Issues to explore with students include: how far does our job define our identity? Why do we always want to know what people do rather than who or what they are? Why are children sometimes asked what they want to be when they grow up?

Does our society look down on the unwaged? What is meant by the Protestant work ethic? Is it still influential? Is it true that religions place more emphasis on the whole person than on the work a person does? (Consider from particular religions studied in the syllabus for the year group you're teaching).

If people believe that they are - or will one day be - accountable to God, how might that affect their work and leisure choices?

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