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Use the story to show one historical exemplar of the common pupil misconception that there are "Christians and Catholics", as if the two are distinct groups.

KS 2-3

Bonfire Night also provides an example of secularisation - in this case meaning the process in which a symbol or ritual loses its meaning and is divorced from its associated story. It goes along with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, Christmas and Hallowe'en. Encourage pupils to ask, "Can we tell the difference between toleration of the views of others and mere apathy?" and "Are we more tolerant than people in 1604, or can't we be bothered?"

KS 3-4

Link to topical questions on religiously-inspired terrorism and appropriate punishments, as well as current legislation about inciting religious hatred and how it should be dealt with. What sort of protest is justified if the state is perceived as the oppressor? Nowadays, there is a clash of opinions, not often within a single religion (although, the two factions in this case would not have perceived themselves as one faith, but as true and false versions), but between religions and what is perceived as aggressive atheistic materialism.

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