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RE - On religion and revision

What is it?

In the run-up to the exam season, there's a collection of RE revision materials for GCSE, mainly from the OCR and Edexcel syllabuses in England, but some general issues could be useful in Scotland.

What's in it

Rmitche6 has uploaded mindmaps around philosophy and ethics topics, including religion and science, the nature of god, religion and relationships, and war. Each includes keywords for discussion. RE-Teacher has supplied revision notes on similar topics.

A revision resource on religion and medical ethics (Leigh1999) discusses the sanctity of life, Christian arguments against abortion and Christian attitudes towards fertility treatment. Leigh1999 has also uploaded a similar revision aid for Christian attitudes to war and equality.

Another extensive revision resource, on Christianity and Islam, has been uploaded by Brummy Boy. It includes potential examples for pupils to include if questions come up on how TV or film can influence someone's attitude towards God.

There is a Jeopardy-style revision quiz that could be adapted for any element of the RE curriculum (phallen). Pupils are presented with clues in the form of answers, and must phrase responses in question form. It uses categories such as life and death, marriage and family, social harmony and even "pot luck". Phallen has also supplied a PowerPoint revision guide, On Religion: Peace amp; Conflict. It is a beautifully presented and highly- recommended PowerPoint that could be used in front of a whole class or simply printed off as a revision booklet. It covers issues from wars and weapons of mass destruction to society and bullying, religion and bullying, even conflicts within families, and looks at forgiveness and reconciliation.

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