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RE - Themes from six religions

What is it?

With Easter only a few weeks away, Christianity is a great collection of online materials for other religions too.

How to use it

An excellent website called RE online allows teachers to download age- specific resources on themes across six religions. These are listed under English key stages but would benefit Scottish pupils too. There are attractive sections for infants and juniors with areas on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. They are broken down into special places, symbols, stories, celebrations and believing.

There is a link to a simple PowerPoint which encourages P1 pupils to think about types of buildings they know, the types of churches that can be found in this country and others, and to link what they know to their local church. The PowerPoint uses the term "vicar" once or twice, but it could be changed to minister or school chaplain.

For assembly materials, icthus provides a link to Sermons4Kids, which includes artwork and PowerPoint presentations. There are also quizzes and colouring sheets attached to many of the themes.

For an introduction to Christian symbolism, jodyo has created a PowerPoint lesson that asks pupils to recognise symbols (such as the McDonald's logo) and discuss what they represent. leading to a discussion of what symbols such as the cross or the fish mean to Christians. Pupils are asked to draw a symbol that might represent their class.

There are a number of resources on Christian rites and ceremonies, including baptism (Lbrowne), a wedding role-play resource (Andy7painter) and a funeral (Kyleb99).

Where to find it

All of these resources can be found at

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