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Reach Out viewing system

* Computer generated 3D images are thrilling teachers and students in the northeast, thanks to a Middlesborough-based IT company, writes Kevin Berry.

Education Interactives, part of Amazing Interactives, has installed its Reach Out viewing system in 12 City Learning Centres in the region. The CLCs wanted an interactive heart to be the first simulation. Students view the heart through polarised spectacles. They see how blood is pumped around the body. They can rotate the heart, enlarge it and can zoom in and out. A BPM monitor can be linked to the 3D heart, enabling the heart to beat in time with a student's own heart rate.

The system comprises two projectors, a pc, a screen and a range of 3d images. Prices are dependent on the type of screen specified and range from Pounds 10,000-pound;14,000.

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