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Reacting to Poverty

Reacting to Poverty is a thought-provoking resource for key stage 4 discussions on citizenship and spirituality.The booklet is produced by Islamic Relief, a British organisation that works mainly in Muslim areas of the world. The definitions of charity in the Koran are set out clearly, and their different non-political implications explored. There are accounts of current projects - recycling clothes, promoting literacy and aiing Chechen refugees. Children affected by events in Bosnia give their testimony. The booklet adds a relatively unknown but important dimension to the image of campaigning for global justice. Reacting to Poverty by Muhammad Ibrahim costs pound;2.50 (pound;2 for 15 or more copies) from Marketing Department, Islamic Relief, 151b Park Road, London NW8 7HT. Tel: 0870 444 3135. Fax: 020 7722 3228. Website:

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