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Read before you write, gentlemen

Trevor Averre-Beeson of Lilac Sky Schools says that our letter, from 14 professors of education, is naive because we want to take political direction by central government out of what happens in class.

His opening paragraphs, about his experience of 30 years ago as a new teacher are irrelevant to today's new entrants to classrooms. His suggestion that our proposals would lack accountability indicates that he didn't read what we said: we are looking for a more effective accountability that is "bottom-up" rather than "top-down".

His comment that we are arguing for a return to the "secret gardens" of the past is wrong. My separate letter made clear that we reject these, but equally reject the "formal gardens" of today's political direction of schools. What is needed is the freedom for classrooms to be "creative gardens" - which I guess Mr Averre-Beeson also wants, but his argument that a Tory government will increase the opportunities for a "variety of providers" looks like special pleading.

Michael Bassey, Emeritus professor, Nottingham Trent University.

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