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Reading does as much for the teller as listener

How very refreshing it was to read Gerald Haigh's piece on reading to children in school ("Ode to the joy of being read to", August 27). When working in mainstream primary, I viewed reading the "class story" as a vital part of the children's development on many levels, but it was also a huge treat for me and enabled my skills to grow.

Later, with special needs students, this remained an activity with huge value, and for those with more complex needs, putting together a well-known story into a multi-sensory format was a creative challenge for me and hopefully a source of learning and enjoyment for them. Even as a "non-teaching" member of the senior leadership team, I have selfishly made the most of every opportunity to take a group and read to the students!

Reading to children, whatever their age, does as much good for the reader as for the listeners. Now newly retired, I intend to continue using opportunities to read to youngsters whenever they arise.

Denise Knight, Redhill, Surrey.

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