Reading Recovery a fair exchange

Peter Hannon, University of Sheffield, writes that "too much innovation in British early childhood education is now imported" (TES2, January 24) and gives the examples of Reading Recovery from New Zealand and First Steps from Western Australia.

With regard to his concerns about the "growing trade deficit" in innovation, might I suggest that he uses the new TES Internet Service to access Denyse Ritchie's letter from Western Australia, "Support home-grown reading aid" (March 1, 1996) and reads the Sheffield local education authority report of November 1995. In January, while visiting England, I attended a one-day course on Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills. It more than fulfilled my high expectations and I can see why it is already becoming well-established in Australia. He asks, "Wonder what we are offering them in return?" - only the biggest innovation in the teaching of English worldwide.

MATT GOULDEN Goulden's InTuition Gosford North NSW 2250, Australia

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