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Maths Ages 10 to 13

Maths Ages 10 to 13

MathsAges 10 to 13

Whiteboards converted my pupils into maths enthusiasts. Use the corridor or playground, or clear a space in the classroom for this kinesthetic activity to practise converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Give each pupil a mini whiteboard. Form three queues of pupils, positioning them at the left, middle and right side of the classroom.

Name one row fractions (pupils A), one decimals (pupils B) and the last one percentages (pupils C).

Call out various fractions, decimals and percentages with various conditions.

Here's an example using a fraction: Pupils A in the fractions queue must write down a fraction with a denominator of 10.

Then they run to the decimals queue (pupils B) for them to convert the fraction into a decimal. Next, pupils B run to the percentages queue (pupils C) for them to convert it into percentages.

The first team to sit down with a correct conversion is awarded a point. An example of a correct conversion would be: 810, 0.8 and 80 per cent.

Mark Ingham teaches maths at Bishop's Stortford College Junior School in Hertfordshire.

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