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Real jury servive

My recent experience of being summoned for jury service was rather different from Andrew Taylor's (TES, July 14), and may be of use to other teachers. I was originally summoned for the first two weeks of the summer holiday. Fearing that deferring might result in my being given an even worse time, I accepted this - even though it was going to disrupt my holiday.

A day or two later, I realised that this fortnight was going to coincide with a professional development course I'm booked on. In a minor panic, I phoned the jury summoning officer to find out whether I could still get a deferment.

To my surprise, I was told simply to write a letter explaining the situation and, most importantly, to name the date when it would be most convenient for me to begin service.

I would urge all teachers receiving inconvenient summonses to speak to the jury summoning officer and try to arrange appropriate dates, rather than simply requesting a deferral on the summons form.


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