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Real rants for real teachers

CLEARLY not an organisation to hide its light under a bushel, the Scottish Association of Teachers of Language and Literature proudly proclaims its achievements since it was formed last year.

The blurb for its annual general meeting in a fortnight informs us it has had "a considerable impact upon the educational scene"; that the educational debate "now features reference to key ideas we have promoted but were ignored, even derided, by experts"; that "our very language seems to be used"; tht "our campaign for genuine educational values is starting to make people think and our long-term effect will be significant"; and that its campaign will continue "against the dishonest, politically driven training programme of Higher Still".

Verily, an organisation that gives value for money. But it should know where to stop. Among its plans are to become "a think-tank for real teachers proposing positive solutions to the problems". Oh no, not another one, we can hear you moan.

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