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Reality TV's lens will distort the true picture

Can star teachers really make star pupils? No doubt we will see one view on this on the new Channel 4 show, Jamie's Dream School.

Experts, high achievers and charismatic "personalities" will perform for children who have opted to be on television, who will sit in the most artificial classroom situation imaginable and be fully aware that they are the subject of a programme for entertainment.

A good deal of the teachers I have encountered are charismatic and inspiring, yet I doubt they always attain the "transformational results" shown in this show.

I challenge any of the participants to enter, unannounced, a random school in the UK and, for one full week, to teach pupils who have never heard of them and are unaware of being filmed. A different perspective might be gained.

Dr Fiona Kisby, Littleton, Hertfordshire.

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