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Women Mean Business. Say "entrepreneur" and most people think male and white. This video pack, for GCSE and A-level business studies, based on a documentary by the International Broadcasting Trust, looks at the activities of three African women in Ghana and Kenya. It is introduced by Anita Roddick, managing director of the Body Shop. Special promotion price until end September l995 Pounds 15. The Intermediate Technology Bookshop, 103-105 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4HH. Tel: 0171 436 9761.

Sports Special. Sport has been getting a very bad press, but the issues it raises are often ones which are general to our society. This photocopiable book of articles, cartoons and photographs from newspapers and magazines looks at subjects including drugs, stereotypes, racism and commercialisation. It includes teacher's notes and useful addresses. Pounds 11.50. Carel, 4 Hewson Street, Carlisle CA2 5AU. Tel: 01228 38928.

Highways for Learning: An Introduction to the Internet for Schools and Colleges. The Internet leaves much to be desired in terms of speed and accessibility, but it still has much to offer schools, argue the authors of this basic introduction for educationists. Pounds 7.50. National Council for Educational Technology, Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Coventry CV4 7JJ. Tel: 01203 416994.

Music Match Game; 20 Piece Jigsaw; 40 Piece Floor Puzzle; Wall Frieze. This range of brightly-coloured resources is designed to provide a fun way of introducing children aged four and upwards to musical notation. All are available in both treble and bass clef versions. Pounds 9.99; Pounds 5. 99; Pounds 7.99 and Pounds 6.99 respectively. Mister Music, 5 Home Farm, Newton Longville, Bucks MK17 OBB. Tel: 0908 366626.

Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award. Six finalists in the l994 award are featured in their work locations in this video, which, like the award itself, demonstrates the wide variety of professional career opportunities available in electronic and electrical engineering. Free from the Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers, Savoy Hill House, Savoy Hill, London WC2R OBS. Tel: 0171 836 3357.

Taking a Closer Look: English Language Pack; Mathematics Pack; Science Pack. Advice on diagnostic and developmental techniques, illustrated by examples from the classroom, are contained in these diagnostic procedures packs available from the Scottish Council for Research in Education. Its ideas are applied within the context of curriculum and assessment for Education 5-14. Pounds 10; Pounds 12.50; Pounds 10. SCRE, 15 St John Street, Edinburgh EH8 8JR. Tel: 0131 557 2944.

Finding Out About Food: Learning About Food and Nutrition. From the National Dairy Council the first of these two packs is for children aged seven to 11 and encourages pupils to divide foods in groups. It includes posters, teachers' guide and a fully illustrated food dictionary. The second, for 11-16 year olds, includes detailed facts on food and nutrition, worksheets on food, digestion and absorption, and teachers' notes. Pounds 4 each plus Pounds 2 pp. The Education Department, National Dairy Council, 5-7 John Princes Street, London W1M OAP.

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