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Themes and Readings for Assemblies. Compiled by Susanna Reid. Designed for use with older students, this book contains readings from the Bible complemented by extracts from fiction, poetry, non-fiction and other sources. So, for example, a reading on Christ's resurrection is followed by the passage from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis and a reading from Easter Monday by Christina Rossetti. Pounds 14.99. Heinemann.

Spirituality in Focus. Edited by W Owen Cole. This book covers a range of perspectives from the major world religions, humanism and others such as Native Americans and Australian Aborigines. It aims to help students understand more about the experiences and views of others and the effect they have on their lives. Pounds 7.99. Heinemann.

Dimensions in Religion: Times and Seasons; Places and Spaces; Movement and Change. Teacher's Resource Book. By Angela Wood, John Logan and Jenny Rose. These three titles for each year of key stage 3 offer "a systematic and thematic approach to the teaching of RE". The teacher's resource book provides additional information; guidance for the non-specialist teacher and materials. Students' books: Pounds 6.25 each; teacher's book: Pounds 26.50. Nelson.

Life Issues: A Christian Perspective. By Chris Wright. A PSERE textbook for 11 to 14-year olds exploring the choices people face in everyday life and the issues involved in making decisions. Lion Publishing Pounds 7.99.

SCIENCE Science Support: Chemistry. By Helen Norris. The latest in this series of photocopiable resources for use with less able 15 and 16-year-olds, Science Support contains worksheets which present and reinforce key ideas. The materials are also designed to provide opportunities to develop literacy skills. Pounds 37.50. Cambridge University Press.

MATHEMATICS Maths Now! Green Orbit Get to the Point! Book 1 students' book; Book 1 teacher's resources file. By Tony and Mary Ellen Bell. This series is designed for secondary pupils with special educational needs. Book 1 covers level 2; subsequent books will cover higher levels. The teacher's file includes a photocopiable diagnostic placement test, worksheets, homework, pupil profiles, certificates and individual programmes of work forms. Students' book Pounds 8.99; teacher's file: Pounds 35. John Murray.

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