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ENGLISH. Introduction to Set Texts: Kes; The Friends; The Pigman; Cider With Rosie; Lord of the Flies; Of Mice and Men. This series aims to help key stage 4 students explore books that may be on the prescribed list or chosen as part of a thematic study. It includes include biographical information, text on themes and characters and worksheets. Pounds 5.95. The Chalkface Project, PO Box 1, Milton Keynes, MK5 6JB. Tel: 01908 505151.


Key Maths 7. By David Baker, Peter Bland, Paul Hogan, Barbara Holt, Barbara Job, Renie Verity and Graham Wills. A new key stage 3 course. Stanley Thornes. Key Maths Course Guide. Free. 0 7487 2258 0. Key Maths 7 1 Pupils' Book. 0 7487 1998 9. Key Maths 7 2 Pupils' Book. 0 7487 1997 7. Pounds 8.99 each. Teachers' File 7. Pounds 45. 0 7487 2000 6. Question Bank Year 7. Pounds 55. 0 7487 2002 2.


Jeune Journaliste. Produced by a group of Bolton modern language teachers, this file of worksheets aims to provide teachers and secondary age pupils with ideas for making a newspaper. Pounds 19.95. Bolton Evening News, Newspaper House, Churchgate, Bolton Bl1 1DE. Tel: 01204 366335.


Music Makers Listening Selection. This CD (also in cassette form) provides a range of musical examples to illustrate particular musical concepts and to enrich the BBC Schools series Music Makers. It can be used either with the television programmes or as an independent classical music resource. Pounds 6.99 cassette or CD. BBC Educational Publishing.


Living Faith. A three-part series by Michael Keene for GCSE, comprising The Christian Experience, The Catholic Experience and Christianity and Social Issues. Stanley Thornes Pounds 7.99 each.

Wisdom For Worship: 70 Reflective Assemblies for Primary Schools. By Margaret Cooling. Based on the Book of Proverbs, each assembly takes one proverb as a theme. Provides suggestions for songs and music and photocopiable illustrations. Act, Association of Christian Teachers, Wesley Place, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 8DP. Tel: 0115 939 6270. Pounds 11.95. 0 9516537 3 3.


Nelson Science: Chemistry. By John Holman. Written to the specifications of the new GCSE Chemistry syllabus. Providing clear colour illustrations and photographs, practical activities and case studies. Nelson. Pounds 9.99. 0 17 438678 8.


Food Systems and Control. This key stage 4 photocopiable book contains information on food production systems, and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. Exercises in hazard analysis and risk assessment and case studies are also included. Pounds 22.50. Ridgwell Press.

Working with Food in Primary Schools. Teacher's notes, activity sheets, ideas for practical activities and a resource list. Pounds 10. Ridgwell Press.

Rag Rugs. Making rugs using old clothes and rags was popular in England during Victorian times. This video shows examples of rugs and workshops. Pounds 14.95. Promenade Productions, 15, Lee Road, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 01728 454897.

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