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MUSICDRAMA Orpheus Performance Pack; Puss in Boots Performance Pack. Based on material from the BBC Education Music Workshop programmes, these contain an audio-cassette of songs and accompaniments, a teacher's book and a wall poster. Pounds 11.99 each. BBC Educational Publishing.


Ladybird Alphabet and Rhyme Flash Cards. "A jiggling jelly" and "A duck on a donkey" are some of the rhymes illustrated . Children can practise tracing over the letters and can find the phrase that matches the letter. Ladybird Books, Beeches Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire CE11 2NQ.


Romans. This CD-Rom for key stage 2 pupils uses a 3D computer model, based - it is claimed - on the latest archaeological evidence. Pounds 40. From SCA (Anglia Multimedia), PO Box 18, Benfleet, Essex SS7 1AZ.


Water in Our Lives. With the help of two characters, Splash and HO, this pack takes children at key stage 1 (some activities have been included for key stage 2) through experiments, activities and facts and figures related to water. It contains a teacher's book, poster, wall frieze and workcards. Packs are free from Anglian Water Education Service, PO Box 360, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7TD.

Mysteries of Prehistoric Life. This book examines some of the mysteries of prehistoric life. Why did the dinosaurs die out? How did early mammals survive? Where did human being first emerge? It introduces new scientific theories and hi-tech palaeontology in simple language. Pounds 9.99. Aladdin Books Ltd, 28 Percy Street, London W1P OLD. Tel: 0171 323 3319.

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