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Junior Soccer: A Session by Session Approach. By Frank Rowe and Glyn Jones. Designed for soccer coaches at schools and clubs, this book describes 48 sessions spread over four years. Pounds 9.95. Taylor and Francis

Investigating Local History By Sallie Purkis. Complementing the BBC Landmarks programmes, this resource pack for 8 to 11-year-olds encourages them to investigate their own locality in detail, looking for evidence of Romans, Tudors, Victorians and life in the 1930s. A poster, photocards, activity sheets and teacher's notes are included. Pounds 11.99. BBC Education

Ancient Greece By Neil Thompson. For the study of Ancient Greece at key stage 2. this resource pack develops five main themes from the BBC series, Zig Zag: myths and legends, Olympics, daily life in Athens, justice and democracy and the Greek legacy. A colour poster, activity sheets, picture cards and teacher's notes are included. Pounds 11.99. BBC Education

abc with KC is a multimedia computer program designed to teach children basic English language skills in a fun way. Introduced by the cartoon character KC it includes exercises associating words with images, animated sequences showing how letters and words are formed and spelling tests. Children can hear words and can record responses. Pounds 30. Questions Multimedia. Tel: 01325 350 700.

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