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World's Web: the Global Education Pack for Work with Young People

Designed for use by adults working with young people, this pack starts from the premise that young people need simple, "but not simplistic", introductions to global issues. It aims to replace feelings of powerlessness with an awareness of the possibilities of change. The 10 areas include gender, drugs, housing, discrimination and sex, and provide facts, activities, questions and discussion starters. Pounds 9.95, Education Unit, Save the Children, 17 Grove Lane, London SE5 8RD. Tel: 0171 703 5400.


Access to History: Stagnation and Reform: the USSR 1964-91 by John Laver; Reconstruction and the Results of the American Civil War 1865-77 by Alan Farmer

This series provides a concise and readable introduction to major topics and periods in European, British and American history for students and general readers. John Laver covers domestic and foreign affairs in the USSR and the developing turmoil in the past decade. Alan Farmer considers the impact of civil war on America's economic and social development. Pounds 6.25 each. Hodder Stoughton


Luggage, Lives and Letters This booklet, which aims to encourage wider reading for English at key stages 3 and 4, lists non-fiction texts "chosen with the broader requirements of the national curriculum in mind, in particular the need to provide students with stimulating, enriching and, above all, enjoyable texts". They are arranged in four sections: autobiography and biography; letters, diaries and journals and travel writing. Pounds 4.95, Library Services for Education, Leicestershire Libaries and Information Service, Thames Tower, Burleys Way, Leicester lE1 3TZ.

Student Report Writer is a computer program which helps students "produce structured and coherent school assignments by guiding them through a series of logical steps which make the writing process enjoyable". For Windows. Single user: Pounds 39; Five sites: Pounds 79. ABLAC Learning Works Ltd, South Devon House, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 2BP.

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