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MATHEMATICS. Starting from Toys Starting from Shops and Markets Starting from Houses and Homes Starting from Transport Starting from Food Number Grids and Tiles

Designed to provide cross-curricular work involving useful mathematical activity, these books offer advice and examples on teaching maths through themes. Number Grids and Tiles offer hundreds of activities for primary children of all ages and there are more than 50 photocopiable sheets with a range of numbered and unnumbered grids and tiles in various sizes. The books cost Pounds 4.50 each and Number Grids and Tiles Pounds 12.50. Beam, Barnsbury Complex Offord Road, London N1 1QH. Tel 0171 457 5535.

New Cambridge Mathematics Module 3 Games and Mats Pack Extra Mats Pack Homelink Book A Activity Books 1 and 2

Module 3 of this project includes the Games and Mats pack which has 15 games for practice and extension activities; two activity books for children which contain work for about half a term and are also designed to help teachers record and evaluate work and the Homelink book. The games pack costs Pounds 63; the extra mats pack Pounds 14.50; the activity and Homelink books Pounds 5.60 each. Cambridge University Press RE

Assembly OHTs

Eight coloured pictures on transparencies illustrate themes for assemblies. They include, for example, African villagers pumping water from their new well; a father comforting a young boy; litter on a mountain side and a scene from the Notting Hill Carnival. Teacher's notes are included and a secondary school guide is also available. Pounds 9.99. Pictorial Charts Education Trust, 27 Kirchen Road, London W13 OUD. Tel: 0181 567 9206.


Openings. By Alan and Celia Younger. This book of short stories is designed to give teachers an opportunity or "opening" to discuss social, moral and health issues. Set in the fictitious town of Bradwell, the stories centre on one primary school. The issues arising from each story are discussed in the introduction with guidelines and useful addresses. Pounds 9.99. Hodder Stoughton

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