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MANAGEMENT Your Role as Subject Co-ordinator By Mary Briggs. The role of the subject co-ordinator in primary schools has become increas-ingly complex since the introduction of the national curriculum.

Taking a practical approach, this book explores the issues and focuses on the development of the subject co-ordinator's role in schools and its implications for the inspection process. Pounds 12.99. Hodder Stoughton


Living Proof: A Local History The aim of this pack is to illustrate local sources of evidence and link them to national themes. The context for the activities are the key stage 2 programmes of study: Roman Britain; Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain; the Tudors; the Victorians; and Britain since 1930. Sources include photographs, maps, census returns, newspapers, Tudor inventories, Anglo-Saxon poems, archaeological evidence and artefacts. Pounds 29.70.

Hodder Stoughton The Romans, Invaders and Settlers in Britain This CD-Rom uses illustrations, photographs, drawings, animations, puzzles and quizzes to stimulate the explor-ation and discovery of aspects of the Roman occupation of Britain. For Windows. Single user: Pounds 39.

ABLAC Learning Works, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 2BP.

Tel: 01626 332233


Up the sides and Down the Middle By Edie Upton and Lyn Paine. Devised to help non-specialist teachers work with traditional dance, this pack of cassette and book is aimed at key stage 2. The dances have been selected from across England, together with one each from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The book includes chapters on national curriculum requirements for dance, rhythms and phrasing, characteristic steps and warm-up activities. The cassette provides a tutorial for teachers and 12 tracks of dance tunes. Pounds 14.95. Southgate Publishers 15 Barnfield Avenue Exmouth, Devon EX8 2QE.

Tel: 01395 223801

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