'A recipe for chaos'

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The TES asked delegates what they thought about moves to give teachers planning and marking time...

Moira Sample, art teacher, Grove school, Nottinghamshire (NASUWT):

"I have noticed a big change. There is less report-writing and duplication, invigilating and cover for absence. If heads claim a lack of funding they must allow their books to be audited. What is good for teachers is good for pupils."

Kate Kirk, head St Giles special school, Retford, Nottinghamshire (NASUWT):

"I am doing everything I can to ensure that my staff have the non-contact time they are entitled to. I do have some sympathy with heads who are genuinely struggling with budgets, but many are just set in their ways and will not change they way they do things."

Colin Eynon, secondary French teacher from Cornwall (NUT), said: "The workload agreement is a recipe for chaos. Plans are not in place at my school to allow all teachers PPA time and I'm confident that's the way it will remain. The only solution to this is to employ more teachers."

Jane Stanley, secondary English teacher from Matlock, Derbyshire (NUT), said: "Without extra funding to employ more teachers I don't see how schools can provide 10-per-cent non-contact time. There are always going to be teachers who are off sick in the course of a year, and that will just compound the problem."

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Tes Editorial

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